Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!

I love all my followers and I am so bless to have such a fabulous dash every time I log on! I hope you all have a wonderful day, that its filled with love, happiness, laughter and FOOD!







The Theatre is an empty box and it is our job to fill it with fury, with ecstasy, and with revolution
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Spring Breakers Soundtrack Rocks

Sitting in bed this morning with Greg, listening to the Spring Breakers soundtrack is awesome. It’s gray, rainy and sleepy outside and so not bright in my room, I love it. He’s reading an article on Cracked.com and I’m blogging with my second cup of coffee. Great way to start the day.

The free coffee at my job is a God send. And it never runs out.


This is the song I have chosen for the “First Dance” at my future wedding. It’s perfect, and I can see us dancing together to this song. I wouldn’t know this artist without Greg, and it has to be this song.

We aren’t engaged, but I keep thinking about it, and actually dreaming about it, not just daydreaming. It will come one day, and we’ll twirl around to this song <333

“When he kisses her, it’s not only the thing that he’s wanted to do throughout the entire series, but it gives him peace because he’s letting go of the burden of the Time Lords being destroyed and he’s saving the one that he — he loved the Time Lords, they were his people — but he loves this girl.

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No matter how rich or famous or successful I become, when it comes to you I’m always gonna be that moon-eyed girl who freaked you out at her first glee rehearsal. You are the first boy who made me feel loved. And sexy. And visible. You are my first love. And I want more than anything for you to be my last.

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i thought of you, while in the shower

and i thought of how nice it’d be

to have your things among my things

along the bathtub’s edge

and i imagined myself running out of soap

and using yours

and wearing you to work, and the grocery store

and i imagined that night, laying down beside you

and smelling your neck

and finding out where all my soap had gone

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Today is my boyfriend’s birthday!!

And I’ll 100% certain that no one here cares, but that’s alright, because I care.

It breaks my heart that, like he couldn’t be here for mine, that I can’t be there for his. I’m glad to be going down to see him in 17 days though. I miss him and I’m so sick of missing important events like this because we are 700 some odd miles apart.

I love the hell out of that boy, and if he ever asks, I’ll marry the hell out of him too. It was great to hear his voice, hear him say “I love you” I want more, but I’m blessed with what I have. He’s so sweet to me and I can’t imagine my life without him.

So, Happy Birthday Greg. I love you with my whole heart, and all that I am and have. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with you. Always and forever <333